Healthy Eating

Brown-Hair-Blue-StarPlease ensure that the outside of your child’s lunch box is clearly labelled/ marked with their name.

We operate a Healthy Eating & Drinking Policy in this school. Milk and/or water are the only drinks allowed in school, as part of our cooperation with the School’s Dental service

Crisps and fizzy drinks are not  allowed for school lunches.
The 4Cs are not allowed: Chewing Gum, Crisps, Chocolate Bars, Candy

We strive to be an environmentally friendly school and create as little rubbish as possible. Children are requested to take home all used lunch wrappers, cartons, crusts etc. in their lunch box.  This can also act as a good indicator of how much they have eaten at snack time.

To see our Healthy Eating Policy please click here.

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