Marine Week 2024

Marine Week 2024

Last week was Marine Week and Green Schools organised activities under the theme of Marine Environment as part of our flag application. We had a very enjoyable week with lots of marine themed activities throughout the school.

We had a:

  • Marine Dress Up Day
  • Marine Themed Buddy Art/ Reading with another class
  • SeaKeeper’s Project Display
  • Rusheen Bay Beach Clean (Happening this week!)

1st Class are learning all about Data!

1st Class are learning all about Data!

Data is the word used to describe information.

This could be facts, observations, numbers, graphs or measurements – any kind of information that has been collected and can be analysed.

We used jelly beans to create our own data charts! Purple was a very popular colour jelly bean!

A First Class Pancake Tuesday at KNS

We had such a fun day cooking fresh pancakes and adding our toppings. We learned all about how Pancake Tuesday began and how it marks the start of Lent. We shared our Lenten promises after we enjoyed some yummy pancakes.


Grandparents Day at KNS

It was so exciting in KNS today as we welcomed all grandparents, aunties, uncles and parents in to visit our school and to thank them all for always being there for us. We held a ceremony and had some tea and cakes with them. After that they came to our classrooms and we got to show them all of our work.