Green School

Green-Schools is Ireland’s leading environmental management and education programme for schools.

At KNS, we achieved our first Green Flag in 2012 and we now have four Green Flags.

In 2014-15 KNS won Benny the Boot, Galway City Schools’ Green Travel Competition, for greatly increasing the number of children who walk, cycle or scoot to school.

KNS has a very active Green Schools Team, led by Múinteoir Jean and Múinteoir Christina. The members are:

First Class: Muireann and Aoibhín

Second Class: Jessie and Ronan

Third Class: Maja and Alva

Fourth Class: Cian and Adrian

Fifth Class: Sophie and Kealah

Sixth Class: Paddy and Jack

Marine Week 2024

Last week was Marine Week and Green Schools organised activities under the theme of Marine Environment as part of our flag application. We had a very enjoyable week with lots of marine themed activities throughout the school. We had a: Marine Dress Up Day Marine...

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Under the Sea

First Class are taking part in the Junior Seakeepers Project. We have been busy learning about all the different fish that live in the waters around Ireland. So far we have learned about Moon Jellyfish, Dogfish, Common Dolphins and Seabass. We have found out some...

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Sprouting Seeds

SPROUTING! We are so excited to see our seeds sprouting so quickly. It must be our warm greenhouse.

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Spinach & Lettuce

Room 8 just sewed lettuce and spinach seeds.  Would you believe,  there is a recipe for spinach and chocolate chip cookies!?! We hope to try them soon!  

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