Playing the Bodhrán with Adam!

Room 8 are having great fun with Music Generation, Adam comes in every Tuesday to teach us. We are learning lots of cool drumming skills and rhythms.

A First Class Pancake Tuesday at KNS

We had such a fun day cooking fresh pancakes and adding our toppings. We learned all about how Pancake Tuesday began and how it marks the start of Lent. We shared our Lenten promises after we enjoyed some yummy pancakes.


Grandparents Day at KNS

It was so exciting in KNS today as we welcomed all grandparents, aunties, uncles and parents in to visit our school and to thank them all for always being there for us. We held a ceremony and had some tea and cakes with them. After that they came to our classrooms and we got to show them all of our work.

Under the Sea

  • First Class are taking part in the Junior Seakeepers Project. We have been busy learning about all the different fish that live in the waters around Ireland. So far we have learned about Moon Jellyfish, Dogfish, Common Dolphins and Seabass. We have found out some amazing facts.

Galway Science and Technology Festival

We had a fantastic time taking part in the Galway Science and Technology  Festival. First and Second Class have been busy learning about microbes and we undertook lots of experiments which show us just how important it is to wash our hands. We learned the four main types of microbes are Bacteria, Protozoa, Virus and Fungi.