This is a very different week for everyone at KNS. Well done to all of our students who are working on their learning activities at home, during this closure period.

Our classes are set up on the ‘Seesaw’ app and this helps children scan their work and show it to their teacher – keep sending on your work samples – and your teacher will send you feedback on your work. Our Digital Framework for Learning plan has ensured that we were well set up for this period of closure and remote learning and we can continue to connect with all students.
We are focussing on Active Homework during this period of closure also. Our skill for development across the school is ‘Skipping’. Remember all children require at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. We really encourage everyone to get out into the outdoors for learning opportunities, but we have sent you some links to some fun exercise websites for when you cannot get outdoors.
Keep a routine and mind your wellbeing during this period. Art and Music activities are recommended in learning assignments and these will help students keep a positive mindset.
Stay connected with us and keep well.