Creative Kids After School Service

AFTER- and BEFORE-SCHOOL SERVICE AT KNS: Creative Kids After School. Click here for a registration form.

Creative Kids After School also offer a Breakfast Club from from 7:30am – 8:30am daily, at a cost of €5 per child per morning.

Contact Gemma Holland of Creative Kids:


Phone: (089) 4003216



Creative Kids

If you would like to secure a place for your child, please fill out a Registration Form and email to



During afterschool, children will have opportunities to engage in rest, relaxation, play and leisure both indoors and outdoors in a less structured and formal environment compared to their school day.

A child-led approach will be used, ensuring children choose what games and activities they wish to take part in throughout the day.

Relaxation areas will be provided for children with soft furnishings, relaxing music, story and circle time and so that they can relax after a busy day at school
Activities, games and sports will be organised for children to entice physical activity and daily arts and crafts will be available to entice creative pursuits.

Children will be able to play freely with toys, equipment and material which promote pretend, exploratory and curiosity driven play both indoors and outdoors.