Discover Primary Science and Maths

Our school has won a Discovery Science and Maths Award for six years now!

Discovery Science and Maths aims to increase interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among students, teachers and members of the public.

This programme introduces primary school students to science and maths in a practical, hands-on, enjoyable and interactive way.

Daffodil Experiment in room 4

Plants drink water from the ground up through their roots. The water travels up the stem and into the petals of the flower. Although, our flowers didn't have roots anymore they were still able to pull water up from the cup into the stem and up through the flower...

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Engineering Week

Look at our amazing engineers and builders at work in room 4! They discovered that this design was more stable and secure and they could build a taller structure as a result!

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Getting a Spring into our Step!

We got outside in the lovely Spring air and we went on a nature walk around the school. We found some daffodils, crocuses, buds on the tree and we even saw some catkins. We got to play in the outdoor classroom too, it was lots of fun!

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Friction in Science.

We learned about friction in Science this week and how we machines use bearings to avoid this. We carried out our own experiment to put this idea to the test.

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Science Week.

We had great fun sharing some of the science experiments which we carried out at home with the rest of the class through videos on Seesaw. 

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Science Week

We had lots of fun for Science week! We love investigating and working as scientists. We made lots of predictions and we enjoyed finding out the results .  

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