Discover Primary Science and Maths

Our school has won a Discovery Science and Maths Award for six years now!

Discovery Science and Maths aims to increase interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among students, teachers and members of the public.

This programme introduces primary school students to science and maths in a practical, hands-on, enjoyable and interactive way.

Investigating Materials!

This week in Science we were looking at different materials we might find at home and in the classroom. We then investigated how flexible different materials can be.

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Rainbow Bridge

We have been busy with our STEM activities in First Class. We were challenged to put on our Engineering hats and design and build a bridge so the leprechaun could keep his pot of gold safe! We had lots of fun building our bridges. We did lots of problem solving as it...

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Winter Olympics Room 15

Sixth Class children participated in their own Skiing Winter Olympics STEM challenge. They learned about gravity and forces to help them to construct their own participants and ramp. Another student chose to make a Winter Olympics themed cake as part of the project ....

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Our Dream Playground

We were so excited in first class as we got to design and create our very own playground! We had to build five things in our playground and make sure they worked, this was very tricky. We had lots of fun working together and problem solving! We even got to play with...

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Our Dream Playground!

We had so much fun designing and creating our playgrounds. We had to problem solve lots and work as a team when things did not work out. We were so proud of our work and we even got to play with them during Golden Time!

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Can you smell it?!

In First Class we have been learning about our sense of smell. We had to close our eyes and guess what the mystical smell was. We had lots of fun smelling and predicting what the smells were. We found when we closed our eyes our sense of smell felt stronger.

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