Lego League!

Lego League!

We have started work on this years First Lego League projects and the theme for 2022 is Cargo Connect.

Teams will explore the future of transportation. From the shipment of packages in rural and urban areas, to disaster relief delivery and high-tech air transit, teams will re-imagine faster, more reliable, inclusive, and sustainable transportation innovations that better connect and grow communities and economies around the world. The children will work together to create solutions to transport or storage needs.

The children are really enjoying exploring what they can do with the lego and have already coded lego robots!

We look forward to seeing the completed projects and what our little innovators have come up with!


Read more about the First Lego League here:

Tom Crean, Antarctica and the race to the South Pole

Tom Crean, Antarctica and the race to the South Pole

We have been busy learning about Tom Crean and his amazing expeditions to Antarctica!

We have been looking at the continent of Antarctica and other explorers also. Rooms 9 and 10 have worked on some wonderful projects about these subjects.

We are very lucky that we have real footage from Antarctica at the moment as a student’s Grandad is on a trip there right now! Have a look at the video of whales breaching.

Fun fact:  Did you know that Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest and windiest continent on Earth?!



Tom Crean (explorer) - Wikipedia



Antarctica Highlights Expedition | Hurtigruten Expeditions

Room 9- Hey Awesome!!!

Room 9- Hey Awesome!!!

This week in Room 9, we read an amazing book called Hey Awesome which taught us all about recognizing and handling any anxious thoughts we may have. We drew anxiety monsters and our own superpowers to defeat these!


Third class in Room 9 used their Maths eyes today to go on a Maths trail around the school for Maths Week. We found all sorts and learned some new things about the school building and grounds!