I-scream-you-scream-we-all-scream-for-ice cream!

What a fun day we had today! Roman and Johnny from the Train Station came and we had  great work out. We really enjoyed trying to get all the moves right. Then, as an extra special treat we all got an ice cream! They were so yummy. What a great day!!

A First Class School Tour to Glendeer Pet Farm

We were so excited to go on first school tour. Many of us had never been on a big bus before. We drove all the way to Glendeer Pet Farm. We loved meeting all the animals especially Rio and Coco. We saw lots of cool animals.

Branar came to visit!

First class were so lucky  to have Branar come to school and perform a wonderful show. I was so much fun and we laughed lots!! We really enjoyed how they used everyday objects to make music. We like to use our imagination too!

Check out what we have been up to in First Class!!

We have been very busy in First Class, we wrote some narrative stories and made a class book with them all. We really enjoyed planning, editing and writing our stories. We have also been learning about birds and flowers in our locality. We loved learning the names of them and spotting them where we live and around our school. We learned about he lifecycle of the dandelion. We also learned about the story of Icarus. We love learning about legends from the past. In STEM we created mazes and a rainbow to help the leprechaun mind his gold.

Rainbow Bridge

We have been busy with our STEM activities in First Class. We were challenged to put on our Engineering hats and design and build a bridge so the leprechaun could keep his pot of gold safe! We had lots of fun building our bridges. We did lots of problem solving as it was tricky to build a bridge that could support our pot of gold! We had to make sure our piers were sturdy and our arches were reinforced to be able to support the gold.