Science Week

We had lots of fun for Science week! We love investigating and working as scientists. We made lots of predictions and we enjoyed finding out the results


Happy Halloween!

We have been having a spooktacular time in First Class. We have been learning about bats and we wrote up a report about all of the fun facts we learned. We are really looking forward to our Halloween Party.

Nature Calling Room 6!






We had lots of fun learning about Autumn, we learned lots of new words like hibernate, migrate, deciduous, evergreen, nocturnal. We went on a nature walk to explore how our environment changes as we go into a new season. We collected leaves and made some prints when we went back inside. We also learned how to identify four trees using just the leaves and name the fruit or seeds they produce. We played tree matching games to help us remember. We did a project on hedgehogs and learned the different parts of them. In art we created some Autumn trees using lots of colours. We also made leaves and acorns. Finally we wrote a report about all the things we learned about Autumn, we were very proud of all the facts we could write in our reports.

Welcome Back!!

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We had a very busy start to the year in First Class. It has been so wonderful getting back to school and seeing all buddies again. We have been finding out what we all got up during our time off school and getting back to work! We are looking forward to a very busy year ahead!