Staying Active!

We know how important it is to stay active in First Class. We went for an Autumn walk and we have been learning hurling. It is so much fun! We noticed how our breathing and heart rate changed when we were running and we learned how deep breathing helps to calm us down.


AAI Cross Country 2021

AAI Cross Country 2021

Leon Coll won a medal coming in an impressive 4th place. Mia Rose Coll won a medal finishing in 9th place.

10 children finished in the top 30 runners. A total of 16 children will be representing our school in the finals on Tuesday 12th October.

Both 5th and 6th class boys and girls teams qualified in the top 5 teams!

Patrick Mallard qualified for the junior boys and Mia Rose Coll, Sadie Burke and Masie Dolan qualified as individuals for the junior girls.

We wish our athletes the best of luck on Tuesday 12th October!

Well done to all our athletes today at the Cross Country in Nolan Park! Mia Rose and Leon won medals. We are so proud of you all. We had a great day!