Experimenting in Room 8

In Second Class we have been investigating how water moves through a plant. We learned that water is absorbed through the roots and transported to the leaves in the xylum where photosynthesis takes place. The food is then transported around the plant in the phloem. We used celery and food colouring to demonstrate this.

Harvesting Potatoes

We got to harvest the potatoes that we planted last year. It was so much fun, each child even got to bring home a small bag of potatoes to sample. We played a really fun potato game as well. We had to come up for different actions to the different ways potatoes can be used such as mashed potato, baked potato. Then shared all the different ways potatoes can be eaten and our favourite way of eating them.

An Apple-solutely Great Start!

We are having a busy start to Second Class. We have been recounting what we got up to over the summer holidays and learning and seeking out signs of Autumn. On our Autumn trail we found some apple tree and had a tasty snack when we got back to the class. We also wrote reports about the changes that happen during Autumn.