Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021

The KNS Parents Association wish welcome back to all our returning families and welcome to our new families as well. It has been a wonderful start to our new year!
Several parents were actively involved in helping the school develop a Safe Access to and from school and Traffic Management plan for child safety ahead of the new school year. Part of that plan was introducing a “Drop & Go” service for the morning traffic, and we have a steady group of parent volunteers supporting this effort. It has been well received and executed!

The Parents Association always ensure the Junior Infant parents receive a special welcome to KNS on their first day of school. Instead of inviting parents to the sports hall for a cuppa and chat (and tissues!), we made sure they were met with a “take away” version of the same. Several of the PA committee were on hand to pass out the goodies as well as tissues should the need arise.

Thankfully, the 2nd Class of 2020/21 were able to participate in their First Holy Communion in September. As part of the PA support for these students, we provided goodie bags for their school party the Monday after Holy Communion (as well as for any classmates who did not participate in Holy Communion). It’s a special treat for all to celebrate.

October brought with it GOAL’s Jersey Day fundraiser where the children are allowed to have a non-uniform day in support of the charity. Online donations were made for those who participated. The children will also look forward to supporting Trick or Treat for Temple Street just before the mid-term break and are allowed to dress up for Halloween. The PA ensure there are plenty of Halloween decorations around to help the children get in the mood to celebrate.

Lastly, we wanted to say a big thank you to all who attended the Parents Association Information Evening and AGM. We said farewell to a few long term committee members and officers who have now passed the baton to a lovely new group. The Parents Association is in good hands!

June 2021

June 2021

KNS Parents Association was delighted to provide two trainings for parents in April. The first was with our own Jacqui McGovern giving us information and tools to help our children manage stress and anxiety. The second training was for our 5th and 6th Class parents from NPC trainer, Helen Mortimer, on preparing ourselves and our students as they transition from primary to post-primary. Both trainings were well attended and well received!

Students were also encouraged to create a hat for Mad Hatter’s Day in April, just ahead of the May bank holiday weekend. The PA usually host this event as a fundraiser, but in light of the challenging circumstances around the pandemic, we opted to leave the fundraising out while still opting for the fun!

In May, the PA organised “Bake-a-Bun for Temple Street” fundraiser where students were allowed to bring a home-baked good into school as a special treat. We raised over €1500 bringing our total charitable donations for the school year to €4562. How heartwarming to witness such generosity from our community!

As the school year drew to an end, the PA brought joy to KNS in several ways throughout June. We sponsored Train Station to provide fitness activities for each class, and it was a hit! Parent volunteers decorated the school grounds for the 6th Class graduation as well as organised an ice cream truck for the celebration. Ice lollies were also provided for the other classes as an end of year treat and the Barista Bus for the staff. The staff were also given boxed lunches as an end of year “Thank you” from all families at KNS (this in place of families buying individual gifts for staff members, ensuring that all school staff receive a gift equally, funded by your PA voluntary contributions). The staff are most appreciative and warmly thank the parents for these generous and thoughtful gifts.

The PA Committee met regularly via Zoom throughout this past year giving time, ideas, and passion to build and enhance the wonderful school community partnership. Thank you Adrienne, Almu, Brid, Bridget, Christie, Esther, Helen, Jacqui, Kate, Mandy, Maria, Olive and Roisin for amazing efforts this year!

Spring 2021

Spring 2021

The Parents Association Committee were delighted to see the children return to school in-person in March. Our volunteers worked diligently to put out St. Patrick’s Day decorations on the school grounds which brightened the students’ return to school.

On behalf of all parents, the PA were also able to provide gifts to two staff members for a recent wedding and new birth of baby girl.

Lastly, it was a delight to organise a non-uniform day for the students just before Easter holidays to fundraise for “Daffodil Day” in support of Irish Cancer Society. Our school community generously donated a total of €1208 for this cause. What an amazing effort and heartwarming effort!

December 2020

December 2020

December 2020

Once again, the Parents Association were delighted to organise Christmas cards designed by our students for purchase. These have been a popular item and lovely keepsake for families over the years.

We also organised a school calendar with photos of all the classes. As in years past, these were purchased as gifts for loved ones and for keepsakes for our own students. A special thank you to parent volunteer, Brian Harding, for taking the lovely outdoor photos of all the students.

Our charity fundraiser for the month of December allowed children to wear Christmas jumpers each Friday, and we were delighted at the generous giving which came to €969 for Galway Sick Kids.

On your behalf as part of your voluntary contribution given to the Parents Association, each Christmas, the committee delivers gifts to the staff members as a ‘Thank You’ from all our parents and guardians. This year at the request of staff the PA made a donation to the ‘Hike for Holly’ fund, in lieu of receiving gifts. (This is in place of parents buying individual gifts for staff members.) The staff were most appreciative and warmly thanked the parents and guardians for this kind gesture. We also presented gifts to our wonderful traffic warden and school cleaners who were very grateful as well.

In recognition of the extraordinary efforts from the staff this term to ensuring our children’s experiences continued without interruption, the PA surprised the staff with a visit from the Barista Bus. This provided a wonderful opportunity for staff to briefly meet up with colleagues they had missed all term.

Santa arrived virtually the week before Christmas holidays with special messages to Junior classes, to great excitement. And Mrs Claus arrived in person to deliver chocolates for all the children in the school, both junior and senior classes.

Our parent volunteers were also back in action to festively decorate the school grounds for Christmas as well as organise Holy Communion party bags for the 3rd Class children. These are small gestures to create a lovely atmosphere for our school community and celebrate special occasions.