Please find the Rite of First Confession below and practice with your child over the next few weeks. Each child needs to spend time thinking of the “times they did not show love” (sins) to give them confidence on the night.

Child:  Bless yourself

Child: Bless me Father for I have sinned, this is my First Confession.

I did not show love when………………………..

I did not show love when………………………….

I did not show love when…………………………


The priest then invites the child to say the Act of Sorrow

O my God, I thank you for loving me

I’m sorry for all my sins.

For not loving others and not loving you.

Help me to live like Jesus and not sin again. Amen


Prayer before Forgiveness

O my God, help me to remember the times when I didn’t live as Jesus asked me to. Help me to be sorry and to try again. Amen


Prayer after Forgiveness

O my God, Thank you for forgiving me. Help me to love others. Help me to live as Jesus asked me to. Amen


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