The Hospital in Room 1

Poor George fell from a tree and broke his arm over mid-term.   He was very brave and has to have his arm in a bandage for the month of November.  Unfortunately when M. Jackie and M. Mary Ruth went to get him they fell too, luckily we had a nurse come visit today to examine them.  We all helped check their blood-pressure, pulse, temperature and put bandages on them.  Thanks so much to Martin’s mum Stephanie for visiting room 1 today.

November 12 to 16

  • It’s SCIENCE WEEK! Lots of activities for all classes.
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings for Senior Infants to Sixth Class take place this Wed. and Thurs., Nov. 14-15.
  • School closes at 2:05 on Thursday, Nov. 15 for First to Sixth Classes.
  • Confirmation preparation planning meeting for parents only Thursday, Nov. 15 at 8 pm at the church.
  • Good luck to our Sixth Class quiz team who will take part in the primary schools science quiz on Friday, Nov. 16.

November 5 to 9

  • Welcome back! We hope everyone had a lovely mid-term break.
  • School closes at 1:20 pm for all classes on Thursday, Nov. 8 to facilitate a staff meeting.
  • Our KNS Homework Club starts this week, for children in First to Sixth Classes.
  • The afterschool Lego Club starts Thursday, Nov. 22

October 22 to 26

  • School photographs will be taken on Thursday, Oct. 25.
  • Trick or Treat for Temple Street on Friday! All children can wear their costumes and bring in €2 for Temple Street Children’s Hospital.
  • Family members are invited to the following Halloween parades on Friday: Junior Infants at 11:45, Senior Infants at 12 noon and First Class at 12:15.
  • School closes at the regular time on Friday.
  • School is closed for mid-term break Oct. 29 to Nov. 2 and opens again on Monday, Nov. 5. We wish all families a happy and safe break!

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