June 3 to 5

As we enter June, we realise how different the closing of this school year will be for everyone.

We have great plans underway for our Sixth Class students to mark the end of primary school in alternative ways. We will be sharing these details with you soon.

For all of our students, we will be sharing with you our plans for an alternative Sports Day, along with some new ways for children to link with their classmates.

May 25 to 29

We share a special thought and prayer for our  Second Class students who were supposed to have their First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 23rd.  The teachers posted messages to all of the children and also shared a special video on Saturday morning.

A special service for the children was held behind closed doors at the church on Saturday, which families watched via web cam. We hope that the children felt a connection with their school and parish community.

May 18 to 22

We hope that all families are doing well. We encourage you to keep in touch at info@knocknacarrans.ie  or principal@knocknacarrans.ie and let us know if we can support you further. The Seesaw learning app continues to be a fantastic way for the children and teachers to maintain contact with each other on a daily basis.

May 11 to 15

We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the glorious weather that we’ve been having.

As you are aware schools will not be reopening until September. The school team will continue to send video and audio messages to the children on Seesaw each week, and an email will issue every Sunday evening with suggested home learning. Seesaw is a wonderful way for the children to receive feedback and affirmation from their teachers on their work. Maintaining that connection is so vital during this time. The teachers are enjoying seeing the children’s school work being posted on Seesaw. Lots of creative ideas have come to light!

May 5 to 9

We hope that all families continue to keep well. Thank you for keeping in contact with us at the school through your classroom Seesaw. It’s important for the children to keep that connection with their teacher and it’s lovely to see and hear how you are all doing. Many have mentioned that hearing their teacher on Seesaw has been a big help at this time.
I also appreciate hearing from you by email and please know that we are here to help and support in whatever way we can.
Noreen Healy,

April 27 to May 1

We hope that all families are well. We are all so delighted to see that you are accessing the learning activities and that students are doing their best to keep in touch with school life and learning as much as possible. This week’s home learning has been emailed to all classes.

Active Week at home: As an Active School, you will see that we have included some Active Learning Ideas this week, which are suited to children while they are at home. We look forward to hearing how your child gets on with these Active Activities and Challenges.


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