Welcome to KNS!

The Parents Association Committee would like to give a warm welcome back to all our families at KNS as well as a welcome aboard to our new families. We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming curriculum meetings and our AGM (date TBA). Events leading up to the mid-term break include Celebration of Culture’s Day and Halloween Parade/Trick or Treat for Temple Street. See you all soon!

Outdoor Classroom

Planting & Painting in our Outdoor Classroom

There have been lots of fairies working away on our Outdoor Classroom and we have noticed some exciting changes.  We have a feeling that over the year there are going to more changes to the Outdoor Classroom.  We took advantage of the dry weather today and got outside to put chalk paint on the ply-wood and plant some winter bedding that was very kindly donated by B n Q.  Thanks very much to the SNA team and the PA for all their help with the planting and painting.

Communion Party

Congratulations to all who made their Communion recently.  The following Monday, the PA put on a party for all of 2nd class in the hall.

KNS PA Upcoming

  • Ongoing – donate unwanted Lego and Board games to school for use in the Lunchtime Clubs
  • Social Evening for parents/guardians in the hall on the 4th of May at 8pm
  • 23rd of May – Club Day– local clubs, societies etc in the hall from 1pm to 3pm to make the children and their parents aware of what activities are available to them
  • Whole school Zumba day May 24th
  • Running and walking tracks to be painted on perimeter of yards
  • Parents Survey to gather your feedback – to be published.

Recent happenings….

  • Congratulations to all who made their Confirmation recently.  The PA provided for a party for all of 6th class in the hall on the 29th March.  A very special thank you to parents Brenda and Alex who provided the beautiful cakes.
  • The Parents Association also purchased token gifts of appreciation for those involved in preparing and organising the Confirmation Ceremony


  • Musical instruments and replacement parts have been purchased by the Parents Association costing €900 and will make their way to the students after Easter.

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