The Construction Site Room 1

Are you looking for a house?

We are very busy building in Room 1.  We think site safety is very important and we always wear a hard hat and a hi vis in the construction site.  If you are looking for a house we can build semi-detached houses,  bungalows, apartments and lots more.  Visit our site office and they will help you find the right house.  We went for a walk around the neighbourhood looking for lots of different types of houses.  We were very excited to find apartments, detached and semi detached houses.

Dogs Trust visit Junior Infants

Aoife from DogsTrust visited with Bruce

Aoife from DogsTrust visited with Bruce today.  She taught us lots of ways to stay safe around dogs especially when we have a worry.  Here is some important information from Aoife.

  • Never disturb a dog when the are eating or drinking.
  • Never disturb a dog when they are resting or sleeping.
  • The owner is the most important person in a dog’s life.
  • Always ask an owner if you can pet their dog.
  • Walk up to the dog with your arms by your side and let the dog smell you.
  • Ask the owner where the dog likes to be petted.
  • If you are scared make an X with your arms and look away from the dog. Turn your back on the dog and try to stay calm.

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