The Hospital in Room 1

Poor George fell from a tree and broke his arm over mid-term.   He was very brave and has to have his arm in a bandage for the month of November.  Unfortunately when M. Jackie and M. Mary Ruth went to get him they fell too, luckily we had a nurse come visit today to examine them.  We all helped check their blood-pressure, pulse, temperature and put bandages on them.  Thanks so much to Martin’s mum Stephanie for visiting room 1 today.

Welcome Junior Infants 2018 – 2019

Our first week in Knocknacarra N.S.

Our new Junior Infants have arrived in KNS.  Their teachers are M. Jackie (room 1) and M. Niamh (room 2).  We think they are Superheroes with lots of superpowers.  They are kind, caring, thoughtful and really good buddies.  They are problem solvers, thinkers, talkers, creative and lots more.  This week they are learning lots of new things.  We have great fun playing with our buddies on yard and in the class……  Watch this space to see our adventure continue……


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