Online Application Form

Please note that Information gathered in our application process, including PPSN, is to cover the fact that we need these details to log applications on the Primary Online Database

Please complete the application form online or download it here and return it to the school.

Application Form for enrolment year 2021-2022

1. Child's Name:

 Male Female

2. Date of Birth:

3. Address:


4. PPS Number:

5. Home Phone:     

6. Mobile Number:

7. Email Address:   

8. Name of Father and/or Mother



        Phone Number:   



        Phone Number:   

9. Child's Current School/Preschool:   

Please tick here if child has a sibling currently attending Knocknacarra NS:

 Yes No

Enrolment year is 2021-2022 and class

PLEASE NOTE: This is neither an offer nor a guarantee of a place in Knocknacarra NS. Following receipt of this application we will require that you confirm your interest in the January preceding the proposed enrolment. Please refer to our Enrolment Policy at

I have read the above information and agree that this Application Form does not guarantee my child enrolment at Knocknacarra NS:

 Check here to indicate agreement.

By submiting this form you are applying to enrol your child in Knocknacarra NS.


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