Our first play topic for the start of our new year together was ‘school’. We have been busily investigating what really goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at school!! We toured the corridors and spied Noreen typing away at her computer, Sharon answering calls in the office and Tim being a real life ‘Bob the Builder’.

We discussed the various roles people have in the school and who we would like to become during role play. It has been very interesting and entertaining watching the future múinteoirs (of who we have a few!), builders, organisers and bosses busy at work!

We have been using a varied collection of ‘junk’ to spark our creativity making the transition from rubbish to model. Our junk art station is hugely popular and creativity, imagination and inspiration knows no bounds here!

We have been digging, pouring, sifting and scooping during our sand play.  It’s fun to come up with new ways to explore the sand along with our group.

Our construction station has given us the opportunity to use straws to build masterpieces. Using straws is not always easy but we are learning to decide what will or won’t work, thinking quickly and readjusting our designs when needed.

During small world play we have been extending our vocabulary, setting up scenes, acting out scenarios and managing our imaginary world while exploring many different possibilities.

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We have encountered plenty of problems to be solved along the way!! A degree of patience is needed and as a group we are remembering to share, negotiate and socialise with our co-players. #workhardplayharder:)


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