Room 9 lead the 10 @ 10 for Operation Transformation- 10 minutes activity at 10. 00 on the 10th of February. Junior infants to 2nd class worked up a sweat dancing in the hall. They have amazing rhythm. Outside the senior classes were skipping running, racing in relays, and completing egg and spoon races!

Science in 3rd class- Good Egg!

We learned about the density of freshwater and saltwater. The egg floats in salty water because the salt in the water makes the water heavier or denser. This is why it is easy for people to float in the dead sea.

Walking on Air

We are walking on air! We investigated how pressurised air can withstand force. We can squeeze the air to take up less space and see how strong it is. Lots of children stood on the tables with baloons underneath.  Even M. Niamh had a go!


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